Frequently Asked Questions

infraroodscreening in bedrijven

What is Viral Sign TermoCam System?

Viral Sign TermoCam System is an intelligent alert system using an infrared image with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance for early identification and prevention of infection risk.

How long does it take before I receive the results?

In approximately 3 seconds.

What is it used for?

Viral Sign TermoCam System is used to identify the presence of Covid-19 and all types of viruses in individuals even before the onset of symptoms. 

How does Viral Sign TermoCam System work?

The system takes a thermal image of the face that allows the earlier identification of suspected cases. This is made possible by combining the science of feverish anticipation in conjunction with the science of screening for epidemics.

Does taking medication to lower fever impact the results?

No, the Viral Sign TermoCam System also works when using fever-reducing medicines!

Is there any risk with using Viral Sign TermoCam System?

No, using the Viral sign TermoCam System is without any risk, without radiation, without contact and totally safe, even for children and the elderly (group most at risk).

Where can Viral Sign TermoCam System be used?

Viral Sign TermoCam System is designed to protect the population in all different kind of surroundings like hospitals, medical centers, companies, factories, schools, airports.

Is the Viral Sign TermoCam System easy to use?

Yes, it is a fully automated alert system. ​You don’t need a medical background. 

Is Viral Sign TermoCam System expensive?

The cost of testing every individual that pass through the checkpoint for the facility with Viral Sign TermoCam System is negligible if compared to testing every individual with other methods, such as PCR-qRT or individual clinical evaluation one by one.

Does it require long specified training to use the Viral Sign TermoCam System?

The training how to use the system can be done in a very short time.​ No medical training is required.

Is it a definitive diagnosis of COVID-19?

No,  it is a quick, simple, mass screening method to identify who is suspicious and  can be complemented with laboratory tests for definitive diagnostic confirmation.​ 

Is there a protocol in place?

Yes, this system can be used in any environment according to international protocol: Our system is based on the COVID 19 Coronavirus Infrared Imaging Smart-Screening Protocol and follows international standards and ISO.​ 

Why would I use Viral Sign TermoCam System instead of a normal thermometer?

The goal of Viral Sign TermoCam system is to measure from a distance, instead of using a thermometer in close contact. Measure from a distance reduce the risk of contamination.

Why would I use Viral Sign TermoCam System instead of an industrial thermography?

An industrial thermography can be a simple face temperature meter based on a single maximum temperature with an alarm.

Viral Sign TermoCam System is a specific software for febrile state and also fever with hyperthermia, which besides allowing the accurate recording of the temperature, analyzes the thermal distribution of the face and its correlation with the normal pattern. The artificial intelligence in the Viral Sign TermoCam System produces a result (OK, Evaluate, or Risk) that does not require interpretation by the evaluator. Medical background not necessary.