Feverfy software

What is the Viral Sign TermoCam System

A thermal imaging infrared camera + ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.) software installed on a laptop, ready to use.

The maximum temperature of the body surface is not always the most effective way to know if the person is infected by the new coronavirus (covid-19).

The Viral Sign Termocam system doesn’t just use the maximum temperature!

The artificial intelligence in the Viral Sign TermoCam System Software equips client organizations to detect individuals infected with COVID-19, and other influenza-like illnesses (ILI) prior to the onset of fever. The Viral Sign TermoCam System represents an important tool to help to reduce the virus transmission in high-risk settings.

Note: The Viral Sign TermoCam System software is a locked AI platform. 

laptop with Viral Sign Termocam System

What’s in the package

  • Thermal camera.
  • Stand-alone laptop with installed software (internet not needed).
  • Protocol, step by step, instruction how to start.
  • Instructions saved in the laptop (The Viral Sign TermoCam System is very easy to use, no long training needed.)
  • Online help for you and your team.
  • Help available via Phone, Skype and WhatsApp (Worldwide, in the languages: English, Portuguese and Dutch).


  • Camera stand

How does the Viral Sign TermoCam System work

The camera is used to show an image of the face in the software (image will not be saved).

The locked Artificial Intelligence software will calculate the thermal signature across the regions of interest in the face to identify patterns consistent with early, presymptomatic influenza-like illness (ILI) as COVID-19.

In approximately three seconds the result shows up at the screen and telling you the next step.


No need to interpret the image. In real time, the software calculate the temperature for you.

  • No medical background needed.
  • The Viral Sign TermoCam System is very easy to use.

The Viral Sign TermoCam System does not make a medical diagnosis. A medical diagnosis must be made by a licensed healthcare professional.